Dr Maureen O'Sullivan

M.Sc. Psych. Psychotherapy, M.I.A.C.P, M.I.F.P.P., reg. I.C.P.

Are you feeling anxious, stressed, challenged by life? Psychotherapy can help, providing you with a way of learning about yourself and what stands in your way of living a more fulfilled life. When you are experiencing emotional difficulties of one kind or another, it can help you understand and address these difficulties in ways that make sense to you, managing emotional pain and promoting personal growth.

The experience of psychotherapy can enable you to find more creative ways of thinking, feeling and being and help you to find better ways of coping with difficulties as well as to become more able to relate to others. It can facilitate you in ‘letting go’ of taken for granted assumptions and beliefs and open the way to more satisfying relationships and pursuits.

More information on psychotherapy and the way I work is available here.

If you would like to talk to me, please contact me for an appointment for a consultation by phoning me on
086 859 8382 or emailing me at info@orpenpsychotherapy.ie. If you reach my voicemail, please leave your name and a phone number and I will return your call as soon as possible.